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The Scrap Silver Value Calculator

Welcome to the Scrap Silver Calculator, a handy online reference tool brought to you by the Australian Coin Collecting Blog. Here you can determine the bullion value of any scrap silver by weight when you know the fineness of the silver. This could be silver coins, silver forks or spoons, or that silver tea pot you picked up from the market or your grandmothers estate. Simply weigh your silver items, enter the weight into the calculator and select the fineness of the silver from the drop-down box and the calculator will give you the current silver value calculated from the current silver price and exchange rates. Make sure to read the paragraph at the bottom of this page entitled "Before you Use the Silver Calculator".

Current Silver Prices (updated hourly from Currency Layer)

Current Silver Price per Troy Ounce: USD $31.08 GBP £24.26 CAD $42.39 EUR €28.71 AUD $46.11
Current Silver Price per Gram: USD $1.00 GBP £0.78 CAD $1.36 EUR €0.92 AUD $1.48

The Scrap Silver Calculator

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Using the Scrap Silver Value Calculator for Silver Coins

The scrap silver value calculator is particularly useful if you have bulk scrap silver coins you want to value. Here's what to do, simply sort into fineness, for example US 90% silver, weigh your coins and enter the mass in grams, ounces, or troy ounces and select 'Coin Silver (900)' from the silver purity dropdown. This eliminates the need to value coins by denomination and allows you to calculate the silver scrap value by weight. Here's some other sorts of bulk scrap silver coins you could value by mass:

Using the Scrap Silver Calculator for Silver Jewelery

Scrap silver jewelery can often be found cheaply and the silver calculator can easily be used to determine the bullion value of these items. Typical silver purities for silver jewelery are 925 (Sterling), 900 (Coin Silver), 850, 830, 825, and 800. Look for the fineness of your silver jewelery stamped on it numerically, or perhaps via a hallmark. Common hallmarks are a lion with raised paw (sterling silver), and a boars head or crab representing 800 fine silver.

Before you Use the Silver Calculator

Before using the calculator there's a few things you might need to check:

  1. Is it real silver? Silver plate and EPNS is not real silver.
  2. Is it 100% silver? Some items may contain fillers of a different material which will influence it's weight and therefore it's silver content.
  3. Does the collectable value outweigh the silver bullion value?