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The Scrap Silver Value Calculator Disclaimer

The scrap silver value calculator is just a tool, we make no guarantees to it's accuracy with regards to values it calculates nor the currency of either the silver value or exchange rates. We offer no advice with regards to the worth of silver bullion as an investment nor any opinions on how the silver price will change in the future. You should realize a few things before you use the calculator too. Firstly silver coins may have a collector value above and beyond the simple silver value. Secondly, what may appear to be silver often isn't, beware of EPNS, silver plate, and Birmingham silver. Educate yourself with regards to marks on silver in general and hallmarks in particular. A last warning is to make sure what you're weighing is all silver, often silver trophies contain a ballast weight or silver jewelery might have a gem or base metal clasp.

Page last modified: April 10, 2011