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The Scrap Silver Value Calculator - Useful Sites

Here's some sites we've found useful in the creation of this scrap silver calculator as well as other sites we've used as we accumulated our own little scrap silver hoard!

Kitco - For up to date silver metal prices.

Our Scrap Gold Calculator - If you're lucky enough to have any scrap gold you can use our scrap gold calculator.

Encyclopedia of Hallmarks and Makers Marks - Great reference site!

XE.COM - A neat currency converter.

The Troy Ounce - Wikipedia Article on the Troy Ounce.

Millesimal Finess - Wikipedia Article on Millesimal Fineness, what we use on this site.

The Perth Mint - Sellers of Bullion Silver Bars and Coins.

ABC Bullion - Sellers of Bullion Silver Bars and Coins.

Johnson Matthey - Sellers of Bullion Silver Bars and Coins.

Mobile silver coin calculators -Check the bullion value of silver coins from all over the world with your mobile device.

Page last modified: April 10, 2011